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Fly Fishing: “The Bonefishing Capital of the World”, Andros has the most extensive area of sight fishing flats found anywhere on the planet. We are located at Stafford Creek on North Andros, there are miles and miles of waterways & ocean flats right nearby, from London Creek, to Mastic Bay, to Conch Sound. Go north to the world renowned Joulter Cays – the flats are endless, or head west to Red Bays. The West Side is a place uninhabited, unexplored, untouched – a “Liquid Safari” – you’d never know what you’ll find, everything might just be BIGGER than you think. The west coast is one of the better destinations in the Bahamas for Tarpon (best during the warmer months) and Permits.
If you want to fish on you own, you can walk to the beach in front of the settlement, or nearby beach, you’ll sure find tailing or mudding bonefish at the right tide. You can also explore Stafford Creek, don’t let the name creek fools you, it’s a vast river system of shallow water and deeper channels, even blueholes. What that translates to is skinny water: Bonefish; mangroves & channels: big Snappers, Jacks & Barracuda; blueholes & brackish water: Umm – Tarpon?!


Fishing Guide: Book a fishing trip with the most knowledgeable guide on Andros – possibly the best fishing guide in the Bahamas! Fly fishing, spin casting, inshore and off shore. Bonefish, Tarpon, Permits, and so much more… He knows where they live.
Shawn Riley – mobile (whatsapp): (242) 471-6830
No one knows Andros like Shawn, even the National Geographic team came to Capt. Riley to guide their expeditions.




Fishing Stafford Creek Area: You don’t have to go far, Stafford Creek’s waters has lots to offer as well – Bring your light tackle, spin cast gear! Or try your hand at the Bahamian way of hand-lining. The very sporty Barracudas, Mutton Snappers, Cubera Snappers, Gray & Mangrove Snappers, and plenty of the tenacious Jacks of all kinds are willing and ready to play with you all day, and night! — We strongly encourage practicing Catch & RELEASE!

The Bahamas fly-fishing guide -By Stephen Vletas, Kim Vletas


Reef and Deep Sea Fishing: Andros Barrier Reef is the Third Largest in the World and it’s just a couple miles off shore, at the edge of the “Tongue of the Ocean” (a deep ocean trench that begins about 70 feet deep and plunges to more than 6,000 feet.). You are only minutes from catching record-breaking prized game fish such as Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo, Kingfish, Mahi Mahi, Cubera, Red, Mutton & Yellow Tail Snappers, Groupers, Barracuda, many kinds of Jack, Trigger Fish, Sharks, and the list goes on.




Snorkeling & Scuba Diving: Whether diving or snorkeling, the average year-round 80°F temperature of the crystal clear, blue waters makes discovering the abundant marine wildlife surrounding Andros Island a magical treat you’ll never forget. Divers will be astounded at the clarity of the water and the quality of the dive sites. Snorkellers can enjoy easily accessible, shallow-water coral gardens. From Dolphin to Sea Turtle, Spotted Eagle Ray, Sting Ray, Moray Eel, Lobster, Octopus, numerous kinds of tropical fish and Sharks. Coral, Conch, Starfish, there are simply too many to mention.



Bird Watching: Birding adventures on Andros, the largest and most biologically diverse island in the Bahamas. Dr. Joeseph Steensma, the leading experts of the birds of North Andros Island, offer bird-adventurers insights as to how to find those ‘hard-to-get’ species and how to get to the best hot-spots on the island. His book: A Guide to the Birds of North Andros Island, with remarkable detail (and a lot of humor) will give you the benefit of 25 years of research packed into a fun and easy-to-use book. Call Sheila (the owner) and ask if Birdman Joe (photo to the left) will be on the island … Or book a bird watching, eco tour with Wavell Hanna – this young man got hawks eyes – mobile: (242) 471-9162



Exploring: Andros Island is a naturalist’s wonderland thanks to numerous “blue holes”, pine forests, mangrove marsh, deserted beaches, coral out-croppings, fresh water reservoir. Home to more than 120 varieties of birds, both resident species and North American migratory birds. Some of our local residents include Ibis, Herons, Hummingbirds, Woodstars, Oriole. You’ll often find water fowl wading along the shore, roosting in the mangroves or hiding amid the coppice. The exotic Spoonbills, Flamingos, and rare Bahamas Parrot can also be found. Known as the “Big Yard,” the central portion of Northern Andros is largely a dense forest of mahogany and pine where more than 50 varieties of orchids bloom in every possible color. Visit nearby Forfar Field Station, an international research facility for studies in tropical ecology and marine biology sometimes they offers inland nature hikes and offshore expeditions. Explore the island’s flora, fauna and medicinal plants.



Sightseeing & Shopping: Andros’ signature straw craft makes ideal take home mementos. These can be purchased in most settlements, particularly in Red Bays and the Fresh Creek area. Red Bays is also noted for wood carvings and its sponging operations. The famous batik fabric and garment manufacturing factory, Androsia, is located next to Lighthouse Club in Fresh Creek, where you can purchase brightly colored authentic Bahamian hand-dyed printed fabrics and clothing, inspired by the island environment and Bahamian culture. The proud staff enjoys giving tours of the factory to visitors.
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Texas Sporting JournalFishing on the Edge at Andros Island – by Joe Richard
The turquoise waters of Andros Island hold the ultimate fishing adventure… We were staying with friends at Miss Sheila’s motel and restaurant, called Love at First Sight – for good reason…. READ THE ARTICLE >


We are not a fishing lodge nor do we offer all inclusive diving packages, but we are flexible so you can create your own vacation package. Please let us know what your heart desired, we can arrange any half or full-day fishing trips with the BEST guides for you. Diving or snorkeling trips, nature hikes, eco-tours, bird watching, sightseeing or shopping excursions can also be arranged.



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